Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

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Re: Try ApolloOne

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Yes there is. It is called ApolloOne and it is a Mac only image viewer. Press option-A to show AF points, and option-F to show detected faces.

You can cycle through AF points (for DSLRs) and multiple detected faces at 100% magnifications using the [ and ] shortcut keys.

It works for both RAF and JPEG files.

Thanks for that info!

I just tried it and it is somewhat like *Preview* on steroids. For RAFs it doesn't show an actual AF point, but a fixed size, general area square which for most purposes will be good enough.

XT-3 + 100-400mm shot on ApolloOne viewer showing their version of AF point.

Well, it is actually the same AF square you see in the camera, the AF point is simply the center of the square. In fact, the square size changes depending on the AF square size you set on your X-camera.

Does the camera always focus on the centre of the square? What does it show with zone focus?

The above shot was 3x3 zone. here are two more 3x3 zone shots with tracking a little more off center.

3x3 zone off center

3x3 zone off center

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