Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

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Re: Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

1Dx4me wrote:

Tom59 wrote:

1Dx4me wrote:

i never got into mixing 3rd market lenses with canon cameras, no matter how good! sooner or later you'll regret doing that!

Why is that?

hi Tom,

it has to be the reverse engineering of the 3rd party lenses to make them compatible with canon cameras but not quite completely! my only sigma macro lens, 150mm f2.8 non-IS is pretty much useless (AF hunts like heck), when i use it with my canon cameras. it was ok with my 40D and 5D but not with my 1dmk4 and 1Dx. and i hear similar complaints regarding all 3rd party lenses quite a bit in this forum. i have nothing against 3rd party lenses but i hate to spend money on lenses that will cause focus issues later with newer canon cameras! in fact, my sigma 150mm macro lens is pretty decent except for the AF!

I hear ya!  I try to stay with native lenses also.  But sometimes just not feasible unless you hit the lottery!  Have 2 3rd party lenses and so far no issues with any of the 3 bodies I use.  Maybe a firmware update with ur lenses would help if available?

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