What has been your favorite airshow body/lens combo ?

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Re: What has been your favorite airshow body/lens combo ?

Sid in SE Texas wrote:

Last year I shot with one of my FZ1000s. Jets were fine no matter what. Props were a slight problem in still and a HUGE problem in video. Props looked stupid, stuttery, strobe lightish, ... Like those wagon wheels in old Western movies, but not moving backwards. What can I do to make props look spinning normal ? Was it because I was shooting in 60p instead of 30 p ? Thanks

Props are going to be a problem shooting video with any camera that does so using electronic shutter due to the "rolling shutter" effect.

For stills, you'll only start to get some prop blur if you get your shutter speed below 1/500. My personal preference is 1/320, but some people go slower.

Your FZ1000 should be fine for this task as long as the focal length reach is sufficient for you. However, to get a good shutter speed for prop blur will probably require a ND filter on the lens on a bright day to keep the aperture within the lens' range.

My FZ2500 initial settings for prop planes: Shutter Priority, 1/320, Auto ISO. Add the built-in ND filters as needed to keep the aperture out of the diffraction zone. Examples in my Gallery.


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