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I have had a Canon SD1100 IS for close to 10 years. I do mission work all over the world and this camera has lived in my cargo pocket of my pants at all times. It has been and amazing camera for my needs. This year i decided to up grade and just received a brand new Canon ELPH 360 hs. I was so disappointed in the all plastic body that it is going back asap. My old camera took a lot of abuse and never let me down. Can anyone help me with a replacement that will be just as durable as my 1100 is. I would like a little more zoom if possible

I totally hear you about the 360hs. It is purely any entry-level camera.

As far as a replacement it depends on your budget and the image quality you want. A g7xII will be bulkier and heavier than you are used to but will fit it slacks pocket and takes really incredible photos and has lots of manual controls. The g5x is similar but has a viewfinder and is not really slacks-pocketable. g9xII is similar size and weight that you are used to. All three of these 1" sensor cameras will be a giant step upwards in terms of image quality. Roughly 20 negapixel compared to your current 8 but the huge difference is the much larger sensor and better lenses. Cost for these range from $300 used for g9xII to $359 g9xii refurb, $429-$479 for g7xII refurb.

On the low budget but still an image quality upgrade side of things, a used s120, s110, s100, or even s95 will give you better image quality and the price would range from $50-$120 depending on the individual deal you can find. Same size you are used to and slight increase in MP. As I recall these use a 1/1.7" sensor but I need to check that as I think they changed sensors between the s95 up to the s120, can't remember off the top of my head.

Another low budget option is the titanium-bodied sd990is which you can find for around $50 used. It is 15 MP but has small LCD screen -although perhaps larger than ur current camera- and limited video capabilities. It has a 1/1.7" sensor so slightly larger/better sensor than your current camera but not nearly as large as the 1" sensor cameras.

Hi there. Just looking at this because I'm in a bit of a run right now for collecting some point-and-shoot CCD digicams, circa 2007-2011. I stumbled across this via a search for the Canon Powershot G10, which I should be receiving any minute at home. (I want to see if anyone else is still using their G10's.)
This may very well end up on my list for something more pocketable. Right now, my most pocketable digicams are a Samsung ST30 (acquired from a relative who didn't want it anymore), and a Canon a3300is which I run most of the time with the CHDK software for RAW images.

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