Olympus Auto Gradation

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Olympus Auto Gradation

I’m learning all this photography hobby as I go along, with the generous help of my friends here on DPR, which I’d name some but I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by leaving them out.

First off I’d like to declare I’m not a professional, and what I do is document the beauty of my beloved Ozarks as best I can without going to lots of trouble.  I tried RAW, but that makes big files, and so I use JPEG instead, in Large Normal compression.

Then I transfer the pictures over to my iPhone, which is set to zip those up to Google Photos, which allows unlimited 16 mp storage.  I also back those up to Shutterfly and download the originals to a computer using Olympus workspace.

I may or might not edit the pictures, but they usually look pretty good straight from the Olympus.

My question is about using Olympus Auto Gradation.

The choices are Normal, Auto, High, and Low.

If I use Auto it seems to do about the same as a in camera “shadow adjustment” except I don’t have to fiddle with it and duplicate the pictures.

Everybody I’ve read that writes about Olympus cameras says to use Normal, but they also say to use RAW and do lots of post processing, to lift the shadows and recover highlights, and I’m too laid back, or lazy, to go to all that trouble.

So if those who know more about Auto Gradation could expound on this, I have some questions.

First, how does Auto Gradation work, if you could explain it on the level a graduate of Humansville High School might be able to follow along.

Then, why are folks that are experienced in photography usually seem to frown on Auto Gradation?

And finally if I use Auto Gradation in JPEG will that somehow compromise the ability of me or my heirs to fiddle with the files and make them better, if anybody ever wants to seriously edit them?

I need all  the help I can get, so your thoughts and ramblings on the subject of Auto Gradation will be much appreciated.

I’ve been using Auto Gradation here lately, and my biggest concern is that if it’s so good, why does Olympus set up their cameras to default to Normal gradation?

I also notice that on Automatic, the camera uses Normal, and you don’t get a choice.

Thanks for any light you can bring to the subject.

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