Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

RLight wrote:

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

I know the camera has been around for a while and no longer gets any press but also see few posts.

We're around.

It's hard to replace a point and shoot. Even though I have an M6 and R, the M6 gets pretty dang close to G1X III with the 22/2 attached. Not quite though. As I said when I got the G1X III, I wish Canon had done the DIGIC8 in it for AF purposes though.

The G5X II doesn't quite do it for me personally. The G1X III does see less use now that I have an M again though. The M50/5 with 22 attached got small, but the M6 gets smaller. The biggest takeaway I'll in fact note is the 24-70 reach on the G1X III is useful, but, I wish when you turned on the camera, it started at say 28mm, and then you could zoom it out / in. I've been finding the 18-150 on my M6 VERY useful at 18mm (28mm). 24mm although great, is too wide for a default focal length in my book to start from.

This is going to sound blasphemous, but, I'm considering keeping both the G1X III and EOS M6 systems...

I just wish Canon would do a G1X IV.

Hey RL-

You can set your lens to 28mm equivalent and then save it as one of the C1/C2 custom settings, so that way every time you turn on the camera, it defaults to that focal length on start.  Just in case you didn't know.  Hopefully that helps.

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