Fuji XT-30 Problem with screen going completely white. Bug?

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Fuji XT-30 Problem with screen going completely white. Bug?


I have had this XT-30 for two months now and this problem happened to me twice in the last month.

While using the camera the screen goes completely white between shots, without an apparent reason. I can press the shutter button and shoot pictures but the screen remains white. Also if I try to see the pictures the screen remains white.

If I switch off and on the camera the white screen is gone and I can see the photos taken while the screen was white.

This happened with two different SD cards (I have been told from Fuji assistance it might have been the sd card the first time).

Settings were:

Single shot and aperture priority.

I have a video of the last time it happened if it could help.

Have someone had the same issue or have any idea of the possible causes?

Thanks in advance for your help!


White screen on XT30

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