90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Well, I Am Glad The Lines Were Not Merged

IR1234 wrote:

So specs don’t seem to show dual cards or dual DIGIC, so the 90D isnt any sort of 7D2/80D compromise. It’s just an updated 80D.

I’m a Canon fan, but I really think they made a mistake dumping the 7D range.

But at least Canon just saved me $1500 as I won’t be buying a 90D anytime soon.

I am glad that the two product lines were not merged, so I cannot say I am disappointed. Relieved, yes; disappointed, no.

I am not presuming that there will be a 7D II. I do not yet see a 7D II as being overdue, as there was a five-year interval between the 7D and 7D II, and, as tech matures, I expect intervals to become longer.

The recent consistent Canon DSLR interval has been the 1D-series, at four years, due to the Summer Games. Other model lines have varied.

Again, I am not presuming that there will be a 7D III. I actually bought my 5D IV, last year, for the better AF, than the 7D II’s AF, while reckoning that there may well be no future 7D III.

I will be pleasantly surprised, if/when a 7D III is officially announced. Meanwhile, my pair of 7D II cameras, plus my 5Ds R and 5D IV, are a wonderful team. I have yet to achieve each goal, on my EF L lens wish list. This is a wonderful time to be a Canon DSLR photographer.

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By accident of availability, I learned to use Canon and Nikon DSLRs at the same time. I love specific lenses made by both Canon and Nikon, too much to quit either system. Dabbling with Leica-M is fun, too. I am, certainly, not an expert.

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