Upgrade from Panasonic G85 to Sony A7iii, "FF Look" remorse.

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Upgrade from Panasonic G85 to Sony A7iii, "FF Look" remorse.

I'm currently sporting a G85 with the 12-60 Kit which I use to document my family travels in both photo and video formats. I print at home on a Canon Pixma Pro 100 and soft proof on a BenQ SW271. My prints never run larger than A4 size. My previous (first) camera was a GX1. I have never tried another format.

So here is the situation. I was about to happily purchase some new lenses for the G85, dreaming about the nicer photos and videos it would give me, but along the line of my research the A7iii kept popping up in my feed somewhere. FF wasn't even on my radar and I didn't even know Sony made FF, but the sight of that sleek A7iii had now planted a seed deep within the recesses of my subconsious. Woe is me.

After browsing some photos of the A7iii online, all the time in promising myself that it was just for "perspective broadening" reasons, and reading some forums, I was brought to the solemn realization that that full frame sensor on the Sony can give me that "FF look" which some describe as "3D", low noise and higher dynamic range. I would be lying if I told myself I could not see a little bit of each of those in the photos. So here we are, a conflicted being, on the one hand wanting someone to tell me the grass is always greener, and on the other, to summon up the courage to jump ship to, well, greener pastures.

So down to business then. How much of the difference in what I'm seeing is attributable to the difference in lens quality between my kit and the photos I've seen (which I'm not sure what type of lens they were taken with). I have the following two options planned based on my budget.

Option 1: Keep the G85 and purchase better lenses. I have in mind the 12-35 ii, 15 f1.7 and either the f1.2 or f1.7 42.5 (i know, but i thought i'd be nice to have one really good lens just to have a taster of what it's like). This will set me back between 1.5k to 2k depending on whether i spring for the noticron.

Option 2: Sell my current camera and buy the Sony A7iii and Tamron 24-70 f2.8 at a grand total of 3k. I will have one lens which hopefully will do the job of all of the above three m43 lenses above at a higher quality (maybe???)

How much closer will my (potential) m43 lens purchases above bring me to that ephemeral "FF look"? I wouldn't mind bracketing and compositing in post for landscape shots if that helps.

Since I don't have a gimbal, how much would I lose from the Dual IBIS on the G85 (paired with the 12-35 ii) vs the Sony on videos?

I see people converting between FF and m43 apertures but from my understanding that effects only the DoF. So for low-light am I correct in assuming that the 15mm f1.7 will collect more light than the f2.8 on the tamron wide open? The use case here will be almost always inside museums so darker than outdoors but not terribly dim. Would it be safe to assume that, both wide open, the 15mm at say ISO 800 will give me the same noise levels of the Tamron at ISO1600? How much dynamic range difference will I see and is there much in that difference that I won't be able to recover in post from the G85?

Any other points of which I should take in to consideration are welcome.

Panasonic G85 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 Panasonic Lumix G 42.5mm F1.7
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