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Although I should take a break from my spree tonight, nope. Next subject...


What could the mythical EOS M5 II sport (that the EOS M6 II doesn't already)? Some theories (not saying they're true, just fun to discuss and hey, anything's possible):


Fully articulating screen

Greater RAW Depth (EOS M6 II is 23 shots, that could be an error in the pre-release specsheet though)

More DLO lens profiles (if the EOS M6 II turns out to have a limited number ala EOS M50)

Bigger EVF ala EOS R vs EOS RP

Bigger LCD ala EOS R vs RP

Bigger Grip ala EOS R vs RP

Weather sealing

Wouldn't these things make the M5 II bigger? Yup. Also makes it more fun as any EOS R owner knows. The EOS M6 is all about peak form factor by even stripping off the viewfinder itself (something I wonder if they'll do on a future even lower end EOS R offering as they've hinted one may be coming). They're pushing that EVF-DC2 on the EOS M6 II marketing material hard. Makes me think they might actually do something like this, not just be trying to upsell the EVF-DC2 (or re-use an EVF-DC1).

DIGIC9 is a possibility as the release time would coincide with the 2 year refresh cycle on the DIGIC processor (Q1-2020). This could lead to more interesting stuff like some of the discussion around live digital cropping, which although available on the PowerShot series presently I might add, I wonder if at these resolutions (32MP) and this readout (14FPS) you might need more oomph to do. Could also lead to AI/big data-like enhancements like say advanced noise correction we're seeing in smartphones. Naturally, Canon would release an EOS R also with it so the EOS M5 II doesn't sport a competitive advantage that would encroach on the EOS R series as the then EOS RX, whatever, is that much better, too. Other smartphone-like advancement apply ala automatic culling for peak sharpness shot in a series of say that new 30-RAW burst where the camera is constantly reading data and when you press the shutter, it picks the sharpest weighted shot around the time of shutter depress. Useful feature that gives you a sorta of IBIS like effect, without IBIS. Stuff like that applies here.


Any other thoughts/wishlist? Feel free to add. History is a good predictor of the future, but, Canon's done alot with the EOS M6 II and then some here making this one a harder wish list / guess list.

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