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Re: Advice about BIF combination D500

rz350 wrote:

One of the things that I have come to realize is that fine tuning your focus is critical. If it isn't right, you will be unhappy. I bought Reikan and that absolutely did not work on my D500 or my D7200 with the Sigma 150-600 sport. I tried dot tune on my D7200 and it worked. I did it in AFS mode. I tried dot tune with my D500 in AFS mode but when I did BIF, it was OOF. I then tried dot tune with the camera in AFC mode. Success. This should not have made a difference, but it did.

Yes, it certainly should not have made a difference.  The fact that it did suggests that your test setup is introducing other variables.

The settings that I came up with my Sigma 150-600 varied with the dot tune and AFS-AFC modes. Since I never use AFS and focus is very accurate, I am extremely happy with the results. Now if they could lighten the hood and design a better way to attach it to the lens without the fiddly little screws (i have had the assembly come apart twice) , I would be very happy.

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