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Re: WOW - several things come to mind...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Well, if this isn't an official video, then somebody ought to receive an award for making what looks to be something with Canon's fingerprints all over it.

32 MP's - WOW!!!! ( can say "wow" at my age, can't I). Canon, IMO, will sell a ton of these I would imagine. 32 MP more than breaks the mold for APS-C cameras.

Hi Ben, I would love this if and only if they increased their DR to be more competitive while keeping the ISO APS-C class. But that's just for my needs. I guess for a lot of landscape /hiking photographers more resolution anyway is better.

But that brings up a huge point. Look at that friekin' lens in that video - it's the horrible 15-45 F3.5-6.3. Now you'd think with such high resolution, Canon would finally get serious and introduce some new, optically superior kit lenses. Will this "hit or miss" 15-45 be able to do justice to 32 MP's? That's a hard one to believe unless, of course, you were one of the ones who got a first rate copy of that lens.

Either way, I'm in for getting this camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love the idea of this camera. I bet the usability is better than Sony particularly for touch screen. No IBIS (overall ok with that, though would prefer it). But looking for compact. More compact than the Fujis, *with* a tilt screen.

I think the EOS M is in need of a portrait prime (F2.0 or F2.5 in the 75-85 mm equiv ) and a medium tele - something in the 135mm equivalent range.

Also hope this camera can get accurate AF.  That would be for me a motivator over m43rds small.

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