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Snipping Program

I stand corrected!

I never used snipping program BUT I saw it in action from a friend using it in 2015.
It might have change since then or he simply did not know how to use it. Another possibility is that my friend was using the FREE version.

You did not cover the incremental bid of Snipe software. Is it similar to eBay?
What are the difference between the FREE version and the for PAY version?

The algorithm you described is practically identical to the autobid from eBay, specifically SET and FORGET - - - no need to monitor. As you described, Snipe is bound by the limit set by the user which is identical to Autobid.

Major difference are:
* eBay's autobid is free
* eBay's autobid is integrated. No need for installation
* Autobid is instantaneous. . . not a few second lag.
* The user does not need to notify autobid to cancel when the limit is exceeded, but the user has the option to enter another bid and new higher limit. . . .
How does Snipe user notified the user?
What happen if the user ignored SNIPE message?
Do the user need to run and constantly monitor the program?
Of course we all have our preferences. For me, I prefer to have one integrated system that is FREE, than have another (third party) specially if I have to pay extra.

Mackiesback wrote:

Because that is not how sniping software works. At all. That's not even sniping if it is passive, and nobody would sign up for that. Every sniping program I have used, you enter a max dollar amount you are willing to bid as you set up the snipe, and it will bid for you with a few seconds remaining, time depending if you are using a free version or a paid version. If someone has exceeded the max bid you put into the sniping software well in advance of the staged sniping bid, the sniping software program will let you know. It then gives you the option to cancel the snipe or raise your max dollar amount. If sniping services existed as you described, well, they wouldn't actually exist. What you are describing is useless, and makes me question whether you ave actually used a sniping service before.

The major benefit of sniping software, other the convenience of not having to babysit an auction, is that nobody on the planet knows you are interested in the item. Not only do they not know, they don't have the time and opportunity to rationalize and decide to outbid you. That is the entire strength of sniping programs. With you using eBays autobid, you are shouting your interest to the world, which is a great way to get outbid.

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