FZ300 new user questions

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Re: FZ300 new user questions

Thanks everyone for the feedback. This is an anniversary trip not a dedicated wildlife trip. One of the main things which attracted me to the FZ300 was the water and dust resistance as it is known to rain frequently in Alaska. Plus this camera gets great reviews overall. Is there another model I should consider instead? Definitely don't want anything bulkier or without some sort of weather protection

Am I reading correctly that 256GB cards aren't supported? That's a bummer. However, if 4K video really is no better then I'll just shoot at, what, 1080/60? Or would 30fps be preferred?

Regarding GPS, I watched a video which indicated you have to run the app continually in the background with logging enabled. That's fine I guess but the guy didn't say anything about battery drain. Does it impact battery life on your phone very much?

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