Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

nolten wrote:

mgalvan0828 wrote:

Even setting the aperture to to f/5.6, you can still see the bottom half of the key beginning to go out of focus. (main focus point was the base of the key).

Since its an APS-C sensor you can go f8 or even f11 without too much diffraction softness. You can also find 37mm close-up diopters on Amazon. I'm a fan of this camera if everyone can't tell.

Yes, I've come to be a huge fan of it as well.  Once you use it for a bit, you begin to feel how well thought out the whole experience is with it.

The best way to look at this camera is having the imaging capability of an 80D with a slightly faster kit lens that all fits in the palm of your hand vs seeing it as a larger compact camera.  Suddenly it makes sense.

Yeah, I shot that key quickly at f/5.6 just to prove an earlier point that even using a relative narrow aperture with a large sensor can cause part of the image to still not be in full focus.  Using the f/2.8 would've caused even more disparity.  The other key shot from the other user trying to show that the lens was really soft was just showing his shot actually not being in focus at all.

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