Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

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Re: Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

I will throw in another vote for the Tokina 11-20 for a modest priced UWA for crop. Have been pleased with the copy I have. Sharp, nice color and contrast. Works well on the 80d. Have the 10 -18 also but feel the Tokina is better overall. Only nitpick I have with it is the funky push pull clutch mechanism for swapping Manual to Auto focus/vice versa. Works ok, just takes a little getting used to. Lot of reviews state that lens flare is an issue also. Ive yet to have that issue. They added a different coating than the previou 11-16 model to address this. Suppose if I took a pic directly at the sun it may flare some!! Also if you dabble in Astro it does well in that field also. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

Another note. You can put the Tokina on a FF body and use it between 16 and 20mm with no vignetting.

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