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Re: FZ300 new user questions

mario64 wrote:

Hi all,

My FZ300 arrives Wednesday. I bought it to use on an upcoming Alaska cruise. Been doing some reading and have a few questions if someone could take time to respond

1) Are 256GB SD cards supported? I'll be gone for 8 days with no PC for download and plan to shoot 4K

2) Is PNY Elite Performance Pro U3 a good card? Tests show a write speed around 67.3 MB/s

3) How well does this camera integrate with the Apple ecosystem? I assume I can just wirelessly transfer pictures to my iphone. Video will presumably have to be downconverted to 1080p in order to upload to icloud?

4) I need to shoot pictures using JPG for easy transfer to iphone? If so, any particular quality settings I should use?

5) How exactly does the GPS thing work with iphone? I have to run the app & enable GPS logging PRIOR to taking any pictures? What about after? Will it auto-tag GPS data when I transfer to iphone?

Sorry for such a long post but I haven't been able to source answers to these questions. Thanks for any help and any other new user tips!


Before getting all excited about 4k video, I suggest you do a real world comparison with it to 1080p. I did a compare and the difference is very subtle and in some cases, the 1080p looks better. Note that these 4k files are a BEAST to work with and to transfer to a device as they are huge. I suggest you do some comparison testing with your FZ before you put all your eggs in the 4k basket. Note that many sites and certainly many tv's, laptops, and monitors do not have the ultra high def capability.

Happy travels!

Edit: this guy nails the difference (as in no difference): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x-u8mUSFss      The actual comparison between 1080 and 4k starts at 3:10

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