Which lens for Nikon D5100 body - shooting toddler indoors

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Which lens for Nikon D5100 body - shooting toddler indoors

Hi there -

I'd like to get your help picking out a lens to do indoor toddler photography with my husband's Nikon D5100 body. I'm amateur, used to my Olympus OMD 4/3 - taking almost 20k shots on it while traveling, and full frame is completely new to me.

What I'd like to do:

Indoor shots of my toddler (who does not stay still) in my apartment (not a lot of lighting) in tiny rooms for personal use. My best current option on my OMD is my prime 45mm f1.8, and while it gets enough light to get good head shots near a window, and I actually love shooting with it, the focal length is too long for me to get anything else in my tiny rooms, and ISO gets a little high once I move 2 feet away from a window.

Since camera size is no longer my key constraint, I'm thinking of jumping to the Nikon D5100 to take advantage of a larger sensor size to make the most of the light that I have, and pair it with a 'first prime lens nifty fifty' - 50mm f/1.4 category, rather than buy something for my OMD. My subject isn't tolerant of me fussing with controls/setup - quick guesses and go, so I'm hoping this gives me a wide enough performance window.


1) Is this a good choice for shooting kids indoors? Or would you go in a different direction (different lens/stay with the OMD even/etc)

2) Assuming my thinking makes sense, what's a good entry/entry+ level 50mm f/1.4 with autofocus? I'm willing to spend a little cash to get something that's fun, snappy, and I enjoy shooting with (as I plan to use this lens everyday) while staying with amateur price point.

3) Any other indoor kid tips are also helpful! (Sadly my toddler is a runner outdoors

Thanks so much!

Nikon D5100
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