Advice about BIF combination D500

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Re: Advice about BIF combination D500

Fotocorn wrote:


I shoot B.I.F.with the D500 & Nikkor 200-500mm,

If I could get just one image to the standard of any of those displayed during the course of this conversation, I would be over the moon.

The right equipment helps but the person behind the lens counts for much more.

It would be great if you "good photographers" could possibly give us "not so good" wanabee photographers a few tips instead of finding nits to pick, it would be wonderful.

I live in anticipation!!!

Hi Fotocorn,

There are so many ways a picture can be unsatisfactory that one needs some base reference to start giving advice. If you post one of the images you are not happy with, complete with exif, we can start giving our opinion on wether you need to use a higher shutter speed, or a different aperture, or a different ISO. As it is, the only advice I can think of is: practice makes perfect, so take pictures of everything and everything, try different settings, try good lighting or bad, try moving or static subjects, keep plugging at it until you are happy, then look at the settings for that image, and try to reproduce. After a while, you start getting a feel for what gives you the results you want.

Just post a picture, tell us why you are not happy with it and we will give it a go!

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