90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

rrc1967 wrote:

Chris Mak wrote:

Andreas Berglund wrote:

Whether a 7DMKII is in the works or not I cant tell of course, the rumor mill thinks its not.

For me this is not really about just the camera body, it is about Canon being a viable future system for me as a birder. I have a 100-400 II, a 400mm DO II and a 600 II. That is a lot of money invested in Canon as a system. And I have patiently waited for what to me sounds like an obvious upgrade to my 7DMKII's.

Canon has the lenses, but not a viable body right now, if the supposed 90D specs are right, and after seeing the expensive intro video to the 90D I truly doubt that it would not be correct specs, my message to Canon is very simple, and if there is no 7DMKIII coming Canon is not for me a viable birding system, and I will re-evaluate. I don't want FF birding cameras, when you shoot sometimes thousands of images a day it becomes a burden with to many files to go through and crop them.

A future EOS-R with 80mp could be used in crop mode, and give you 30mp images, but then you would be forced to use a landscape/studio portrait camera as a birding camera

there are advantages though. for instance your 300 or 400mm lens turns into a zoom ie:

300mm to 480mm F2.8-F4.0 zoom. at 300mm you have 80mp at 480mm you have 32mp. if you want to say your threshold is 24mp for pixels on subject that gives you an equivalent of 650mm

You don't have that much flexibility without the pixels to start off with.

It would be even slicker if Canon developed a variable digital zoom on a high resolution camera, ie: as you zoom in, your output crop would change and your viewfinder magnification would increase in relation to the variable crop factor.

Nice thought, digital zoom with a joystick in a handy place would be quite useful, better than the somewhat clunky FF-APSC switching.

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