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MauriceRR wrote:

Entropy512 wrote:

MauriceRR wrote:

I'm looking to buy the new a7riv. I already have a sony a7r first gen + metabones iv + canon lenses.

I'm wondering if I will also need to update my metabones or not.

I can precise that I don't need AF on my canon lenses, manual focus is ok.

Thanks !


As to whether you "need" to update your Metabones - don't know.

But since the IV is user-updateable - you probably should.

I wanted to say "Will I need to buy a new one". But I think I understood.

(I assume when you said "update" you meant "firmware update". If you meant replace with the V - not any point unless you REALLY want that indicator light and the extra button/switch. The IV and V firmwares are functionally identical other than that light and switch.)

I do'nt even know what it is, so basically, at least at first, if I can find an A7r in september, I will be able to use it, at least without AF.

The third-gen FF bodies had significant improvements in AF capability with legacy adapters (such as Metabones in "green" mode).

I don't remember how mode I putted twoo years ago.

I have a big contract in september, and I try to be sure I don't need to buy a new optic to work with the new a7riv, wich is not already in my budget...

My work doesn't require AF. Manual focus is enough for architecture.

It sounds like you'll be absolutely fine.  You might get some stability/reliability improvements if you update the firmware (Metabones has a download page), but there's no difference in capabilities between an updated IV and an updated V.  Newer firmwares will change the default mode depending on which body you attach, but if you don't like the default you can change it either with the updater tool or by turning on the camera in a specific sequence (the exact method is somewhere on )

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