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Re: Canon lenses and a7riv

Entropy512 wrote:

MauriceRR wrote:

I'm looking to buy the new a7riv. I already have a sony a7r first gen + metabones iv + canon lenses.

I'm wondering if I will also need to update my metabones or not.

I can precise that I don't need AF on my canon lenses, manual focus is ok.

Thanks !


As to whether you "need" to update your Metabones - don't know.

But since the IV is user-updateable - you probably should.

I wanted to say "Will I need to buy a new one". But I think I understood.

(I assume when you said "update" you meant "firmware update". If you meant replace with the V - not any point unless you REALLY want that indicator light and the extra button/switch. The IV and V firmwares are functionally identical other than that light and switch.)

I do'nt even know what it is, so basically, at least at first, if I can find an A7r in september, I will be able to use it, at least without AF.

The third-gen FF bodies had significant improvements in AF capability with legacy adapters (such as Metabones in "green" mode).

I don't remember how mode I putted twoo years ago.

I have a big contract in september, and I try to be sure I don't need to buy a new optic to work with the new a7riv, wich is not already in my budget...

My work doesn't require AF. Manual focus is enough for architecture.

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