Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

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Re: Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

Phil1 wrote:

Like some (many?) folk on this forum I occasionally get an out of focus shot. It would be very helpful to be able to view my images with the exact active focus square superimposed on the photo . This would be very useful in deciding if any focus error was due to the user or the camera. Reading the posts here, I'm sure a lot of people would find this invaluable!

An internet search shows it is possible but the only software I found was limited to Canon & Nikon cameras.

Yup! That one does a pretty good job for my old Nikons, unfortunately it does not support Fuji RAFs.

Is there any such software which works with Fuji RAF files? I saw some suggestion that Silkypix might provide this facility. Could anyone with experience with Silkypix comment on this please?

I have found this. Just follow the plugin install instructions in the included *Read me* there is a little editing to do to the LR plugin file name.

Then you can get focus point results like this, just not as comprehensive as the other one:

Many thanks


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