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I have been using eBay's "autobid" for years. I don't wait for the last minute to enter my bid. For example:

An item appears with asking price of $500, remaining time is 5 days, current bid is $10.01 with suggested bid of $12.34. I am interested and willing to pay up to $423.02 . . .
I enter $12.34 and then my limit of $423.02 - at the first minute of the listing.
$12.34 will be displayed as the current bid. My limit of $423.02 will not show.
I don't bother with it anymore.
Anyone who manually enters bid lower than $423.02 will see the live message of being outbid. For the purpose of discussion, assuming autobid is incremented 5%, someone entered $100, the live message will be displayed along with my current bid of say $105.
eBay's autobid will repeat the process - - - applying only the % increase over anyone's manually entered bid. Assuming someone entered $299.99 one second before closing, my winning bid will be $330 not $423.02. eBay will notify me by email.

Anytime someone bids over $423.02, eBay notify me by email for an option to make another bid. I ALWAYS decline.

Right, I'm not disputing this progress, but the issue is if you enter say $423.02 at first minute, you give plenty of time for someone to "test" your max bid (I see this happen all the time in auctions, someone goes up slowly until they get right past the max bid).

Even if you enter it at the last minute (but with enough time for someone to change their max bid), people entering a different lower bid (for example $420) will get a notification that they need to increase max bid to win. People in the heat of the moment many times will do so.

This makes it so that for an auction you would have won with your $423.02 max bid, you would lose because you put in the bid too early and gave other people chances to either test or change their mind about their max bid.

I think his point is that if someone is willing to pay more, they can have it.


"Anytime someone bids over $423.02, eBay notify me by email for an option to make another bid. I ALWAYS decline."

I'm typically the same way. I just enter my max upfront, and I either win or I lose.

For more important, or hard-to-find items, I am often there at the end of the auction. Depending on time of day.

My point is that people don't always know they are willing to pay more and by leaving things to last second, you give them less chances to coming to that conclusion earlier in the auction. Again, there are going to be cases where you could have won with the exact same max bid if only you put it in later and don't give people chances to test your max bid or to change their max bid higher.

I understand.  And I agree with you as far as strategy.

I was just saying the guy you're replying to doesn't seem to care about that.  Different mindset.

Like I said, depending on the item, I approach it different ways. Sometimes I'll wait and bid at the very end, other times I'll put in a max and if I get the item at that price... fine.

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