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Re: How could this happen? Was no reserve set? eBay 101 continues.

Smaug01 wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

How could this (below) happen? Was no reserve set? Doesn't really make a difference what the bidding starts at, as long as a proper reserve is set. Allowing low bidding allows some to make a low bid just to keep the auction on their possible purchase list.

"Starting the bidding super low, as you mentioned can get you burned. I tried that recently and overestimated the interest in the item, so someone got a $100 (new) luggage rack for $4 + shipping. I should have started it at a low price, but not a "grab my ankles" price."

Yes, no reserve. Bidders don't like reserves at all; it's perceived as playing games.

There's no point in starting the bidding at $1 if you're going to have a reserve. That's just assuming people are stupid. Plus, I hate getting all those: "what is your reserve?" messages.

I tend to ignore all w/ reserves. I feel like the seller is either playing games or wants too much.

I am on E-Bay to get a good "deal". (Is that $100 luggage still available for $4.00 ??? --- I'll make you an "OFFER" !!!)

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