90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

Whether a 7DMKII is in the works or not I cant tell of course, the rumor mill thinks its not.

For me this is not really about just the camera body, it is about Canon being a viable future system for me as a birder. I have a 100-400 II, a 400mm DO II and a 600 II. That is a lot of money invested in Canon as a system. And I have patiently waited for what to me sounds like an obvious upgrade to my 7DMKII's.

Canon has the lenses, but not a viable body right now, if the supposed 90D specs are right, and after seeing the expensive intro video to the 90D I truly doubt that it would not be correct specs, my message to Canon is very simple, and if there is no 7DMKIII coming Canon is not for me a viable birding system, and I will re-evaluate. I don't want FF birding cameras, when you shoot sometimes thousands of images a day it becomes a burden with to many files to go through and crop them.

We need a statement of direction from Canon, if we don't get one it is going to hurt Canons sales, not just short term

What I want (need) is

  • 24 MP, ap-c as low noise and high as a DR as possible, at least the same as Sony's Exmoor sensors.
  • 10-12 fps
  • To notch AF with animal eye AF
  • Dual cards would be nice, high speed at least UHS-II
  • 5 seconds of RAW buffer at least (see Nikon D500!, now 3 years old) 10 would be great, the D500 does
  • Truly reconfigurable buttons
  • Sealed obviously
  • a real grip that can handle 2 batteries extra
  • and so on.
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