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Re: Ebay strategies?

John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

I think it's interesting that your thread about "Ebay strategies" contains so much about buyers' strategies, and very little about selling strategy. That's a pity, because I may also be about to start selling photography stuff again on the bay, after a couple of years away and reading a lot of negative stuff on here from frustrated sellers, I was hoping to get a few helpful ideas. Disappointed so far.

I've read most about "the NAD scam" - it took me an embarrassingly long time to work out that means "Not As Described" - and I think the best starting point to counter that is to use really good photos in the listing, with serial numbers and other identifying features. Ebay is definitely strongly weighted in favour of buyers these days. You will find some interesting stuff about defensive tactics in case you end up in that situation.

Leaving scammers aside, having really good photos should help an item sell.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to limit sales to my own country (UK) - but maybe EU while we're still a member.

I used to offer free postage Royal Mail tracked for the higher end stuff, and I always used to start auctions at £1 but I'm going to rethink that. A well thought out Buy it Now starting point and a realistic approach to "offers" is looking likely.

There was JUST a (recent) reply (but now forgot which) with and excellent selling strategy .... (look at the "recent" replys).

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