Ebay strategies?

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Re: Ebay strategies?

vyoufinder wrote:

Lost in Knoxville wrote:

I’ve been buying anything and everything on eBay since the beginning. In the last 3 years I have bought a used camera, and two lenses. All three items have been great buys.

There is a risk with eBay, but a few things I always do, check out the seller as much as possible. Look at their history, history of items and reviews, look for return policy, and if something is a great product, make offers if they accept offers. There are sellers who have top quality items and need money, they are willing to unload at your price when desperate.

I also avoid buying from anyone overseas, and I hesitate when I see something from California and has an Asian name. Many times these are fake items.

Sounds like a racism problem.

I knew a woman who sold all of her dead grandmas clothing on eBay. Creepy for sure.

Why? Have you ever been to a thrift store? Most of the clothes in there are "dead guy's clothes."

Yep .... you can get a new "friend" with your purchase and take him/her home with you.

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