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The bottom line is still submitting a bid in last "seconds" (too late to allow response).

Too late for whom? A person maybe


Not too late for a : "WHAT is a Computer program?"

Yes, a person. He's not talking about out bidding autobid, but talking about people that set their max bid higher at last minute when they receive notification they have been outbid (aka they change their mind about the maximum they are willing to pay).

The OP is about eBay Strategy. Honestly, what does that mean to you?

A computer program and autobid doesn't do that for you, they only go up to what max bid you set before.

Autobid is a computer program (app) free service offered by eBay for free. Please read the entire thread between PhotoTeach and myself.

I'm not sure if my point was made clear. You and PhotoTeach aren't talking exactly about the same thing. You are talking about autobid (eBay's built in function) or in combination with a computer program/app that does sniping (last second bids).

Let us define the terms:
Autobid - eBays automated "computer" program - interactive response
Snipper - Third Party "computer" program. Monitors only - requires user action

The scenario I'm talking about (and I believe PhotoTeach was talking about) goes more like this.

Say for example A's max bid is $90 (set either in eBay or in a sniper program/app). Your (B) max bid is $100.

A enters $90 in to eBay earlier in the auction as max bid (the visible current bid amount would be lower due to eBay's autobid system). B enters $100 at last moment (either manually or sniper program/app does) too late to allow a human response to eBay's notification that A must increase max bid to win. B wins the auction at $91.

I have been using eBay's "autobid" for years. I don't wait for the last minute to enter my bid. For example:

An item appears with asking price of $500, remaining time is 5 days, current bid is $10.01 with suggested bid of $12.34. I am interested and willing to pay up to $423.02 . . .
I enter $12.34 and then my limit of $423.02 - at the first minute of the listing.
$12.34 will be displayed as the current bid. My limit of $423.02 will not show.
I don't bother with it anymore.
Anyone who manually enters bid lower than $423.02 will see the live message of being outbid. For the purpose of discussion, assuming autobid is incremented 5%, someone entered $100, the live message will be displayed along with my current bid of say $105.
eBay's autobid will repeat the process - - - applying only the % increase over anyone's manually entered bid. Assuming someone entered $299.99 one second before closing, my winning bid will be $330 not $423.02. eBay will notify me by email.

Anytime someone bids over $423.02, eBay notify me by email for an option to make another bid. I ALWAYS decline.

If A enters $90 after B enters $100, B still wins at $91, because A is too late for a human response to the eBay notice to increase max bid.

The $91 is ONLY if B use eBay's autobid, otherwise, B is hooked for $100.

If A was using sniper program/app, it would play out the same way. No matter if A comes before B or B comes before A, B will win as long as it is too late for a human response to notification to increase max bid. B does not need a computer program to accomplish this and at no point does a computer program's superior response time come into play. All the computer program adds is convenience for B, so there isn't a need to monitor the end of auction.

Bottom line - sniper program is a third party system that only monitors and advice the user. The user still NEED to MANUALLY enter the bid. I don't know about you, why use a third party that is passive instead of the FREE eBay built-in autobid that is active and offers overbid protection, when properly deployed. BTW, the use may turn-off her/his autobid anytime.

If however A's max bid was $110 all along, A will win regardless of how late B enters $100. I don't believe PhotoTeach is talking about winning in this scenario.

Boils down to the autobid LIMIT set by the user, regardless of timeline.

I would'nt (dont) ever do that. You are begging to be outbid, or pay more if you do get it.

Except for (often) forgetting the closing time, I get 90% of what I want at only $1-5 above initial listing price.

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