When does a good MFT camera, become a lifetime purchase?

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When does a good MFT camera, become a lifetime purchase?

I was born in 1958, and I can’t remember when the big black telephone that sat on an end table by the couch wasn’t there. The folks rented it for two dollars a month, from Ma Bell, in case it ever shot craps, or needed service like our television did, but the big black phone just worked all the time, like a good crowbar.

Daddy still had his mother’s wall phone from when she died in 1960, and it was (and still is) a beautiful oak ringer type phone with a crank. Daddy always meant to use it to telephone fish, but Mama was afraid the game wardens would catch us, so he just planned shocking fish with and never did.

But Daddy said that the old ringer phone had been on the wall since he was born, and he’d be over a hundred today, if he’d lived.

By and by lighting in 1977 struck the old black phone, and Ma Bell brought another one, and then about thirty years ago I bought Mama a new cordless phone, and Ma Bell took the old black phone back, for good.

But all that time the folks never replaced their Kodak, until in 2008 I gave Mama a new digital Kodak, but the old Kodak probably still works.

Sitting here looking at my Olympus P5 and M5 II I wonder if they won’t last as long as telephones and old time film cameras did.

Or does the Micro Four Thirds camera need more development, before a thousand dollar Olympus camera body, becomes a lifetime purchase?

Any musings on this matter, will be much appreciated.

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