Ebay strategies?

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Your strategy looks (mostly) good

Other people list them high either because they're too lazy to research or because they're hoping for a bidder who is too lazy to research. (assuming the same quality of item)

Starting the bidding super low, as you mentioned can get you burned. I tried that recently and overestimated the interest in the item, so someone got a $100 (new) luggage rack for $4 + shipping. I should have started it at a low price, but not a "grab my ankles" price.

For Buy it Now to be worth its fee, it has to be low enough that one of the first people who looks will buy it. Otherwise, if someone else wants it but doesn't want to pay that much, they'll just place a low bid, which cancels the Buy it Now option.

I don't know if you're aware, but ebay now has a way to list them at a fixed price, with no option to bid, but with an option to Make an Offer. It goes for 30 days instead of 7 days. These days, I like this option the best. I can list something for a reasonable fixed price, allow offers, (many will be ridiculous) without the option for some cheapskate to place a bid and blast that fixed price. (as with Buy it Now, above)  Or, I can list it at a bargain price, (but which I'd still be OK with) and no option to make lowball offers.

Bottom Line: Don't plan on your bidders being dumb. Plan on them researching and coming to the conclusion that your stuff is the best deal. Don't try to satisfy the guys who are looking for bargain basement.

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