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mario64 wrote:

Hi all,

My FZ300 arrives Wednesday. I bought it to use on an upcoming Alaska cruise. Been doing some reading and have a few questions if someone could take time to respond

Is this a "family" cruise or a dedicated wildlife photography cruise? If the former then don't count on getting great shots of birds and wildlife on shore excursions. If the latter then you may want more zoom range than the FZ300 can provide. I've been to Alaska on three "family" cruises, including a few days in Denali Nat. Park. Saw very few animals and only at long, long distances. YMMV.

1) Are 256GB SD cards supported? I'll be gone for 8 days with no PC for download and plan to shoot 4K

According to the manual:

SD Memory Cards
512 MB – 2 GB ••Can be used with devices compatible with the
respective formats.
SDHC Memory Cards
4 GB – 32 GB

••Before using SDXC Memory Cards, check that your computer and other devices support this type of card.
SDXC Memory Cards
48 GB – 128 GB

••This unit is compatible with UHS-
UHS Speed Class
3 standard SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

2) Is PNY Elite Performance Pro U3 a good card? Tests show a write speed around 67.3 MB/s

I stick with top tier brands, like Lexar and Sandisk. Don't fall for cheap brands that advertise huge capacities at cheap prices. There are many counterfeit cards sold online. Test a new card using https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/ from the SD card Association.

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