Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

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Re: Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

Haha, I actually do own the 16-35mm f/4 It's my main lens - seems about perfect for most general/random shots. It's very sharp and I love it.

I just want something a bit sharper than the 10-18. The Tokina seems to be just that, and can be had for less than twice what the Canon cost, 2nd hand. I'd take that.
I like to shoot landscapes, and I prefer to have somewhat sharper corners. This is where the 10-18 really sucks. The photos I took with it just seemed overally blurry more than I'd be ok with. It's not terrible, but noticeable enough to me.

Going full frame would be a solution if the damn cameras weren't so expensive Maybe in future. It's not like my lenses are going anywhere.

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