Tamron 35-150 f2.8-f4 vs canon 24-240f4-6.3

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Re: Tamron 35-150 vs RF24-105mm

Noogy wrote:

Bhotoz wrote:

Thanks for the pics. It's hard to say much about sharpness between these lenses, because there is such a small area in focus. It would also be good to use the same body when possible. Were you using tripod?

So how do you find RF didn't exceed your expectations, but Tamron did? What were you expecting more from RF?

How does the Tamron feel adapted to R, is it front heavy?

The easy question first. It feels well balanced with the R and slightly front heavy with RP.

From 35 to 50mm, its output is as good as a 2.8 prime lens. In that regard, it's better than the RF24-105mm which is a constant f4 lens. Overall sharpness at f4 is better from center to corner. Subjectively it yields a more three dimensional image quality where the RF24-105 images would sometimes look flat.

Yes, Tamron is faster than RF at 35-105mm, and Tamron also has 106-150mm. But Tamron lacks 24-34mm. So they both have pluses and minuses.

But if we are comparing the performance at the same focal lengths of these lenses. So you have found your Tamron is sharper (also in edges and corners) at f4 than RF 24-105 is at f4 (between 35mm and 105mm). How about at f8-f11 (for landscapes), do you see difference?

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