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Re: M6 Mark II - first look

Biggest disappointments in my opinion:

- No IBIS (however, i didn't expect Canon to introduce this already now, and, the A6400 hasn't IBIS either)

-  minus 5 EV only for the center AF-point..... (why?)  I am more interested in sensitivity across the frame.....

Big improvement in my opinion:

- It seams you can use touch and drag using the external viewfinder. That eliminates the need for an internal viewfinder as long as you don't need to use speedlites using the viewfinder (which i do btw)

Things i don't care for, but what others will love:

- 4K uncropped (finally)

- 32Mp....

....this will only give you sharper pictures for cases you don't need a large DOF. With 24 Mp the diffraction at f/8.0 is already noticeable.

Furthermore i am not convinced if the AF can handle the need for so much precision as the 32mm f/1.4 had difficulties on my M50 using face tracking to have a hitrate any higher than 60% with the face perfectly in focus as far as noticeable at only 24Mp.

There are only a view native ef-m lenses capable to provide sufficient detail for 32Mp.




the coming sigma f/1.4 primes with ef-m mount will also be up to the task. Other than that you will have to use adapted lenses to benefit from this Mp count.

I was surprised with the 14 fps while having the same processor as the M50 whyle it has this significant higher 32 Mp-count. Canon seams to squeeze more out of this processor in this camera. If the same would be true for AF performance that sounds really interesting!

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