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rz350 wrote:

Personally, I like the Sigma sport since I have one. It suits my needs. And I have the 1.4 TC from Sigma for it. Both required AFT. I typically shoot hand held. When I bought it there was the Tamron G1 and the Sigma contemporary had just just been introduced. The contemporary was available before my sport shipped. After I had ordered the sport, Nikon introduced the 200-500. I would have gone for the Nikon had it been around. But after reading Brad Hill's testing of it, I am glad I got the Sigma. Don't let anyone tell you it is not heavy because it is. Like I said, I shoot handheld. The lens and camera combo point very well. It is front heavy with the big solid hood on it. You need a good strap to carry it around. At one point I would have said Black Rapid but after a friend with basically the same outfit had his strap fail, and I looked at mine, I am hard pressed to recommend any of them. Just check all points of your strap system for failure. Weather wise the Sigma sport is superior to all of them. As always, your mileage may vary

Yes - I totally agree with what you are saying and in fact I also own the Sigma 150-600 Sport although it gets less use these days since I also got the Sigma 500mm F4 Sport lens.   Although the 500mm F4 is heavier than the 150-600 it actually feels lighter and easier to carry:  this is of course due to the different weight distribution, the 500mm F4 is much better balanced and delivers top quality performance.

At the time that I bought the 150-600, over 3 years ago, there were fewer options than what is now available.  There seem to be some very good copies of the Tamron 150-600 G2 judging by some results I have seen … although to be fair I am not sure whether it is actually as good as the Sigma.  I have had many great results from the Sigma 150-600 Sport.


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