Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

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Re: Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

Ed Rizk wrote:

The 10-18 wasn't out when I got my 60D, but everything I have read says the 10-22 is much better in every way except for stabilization. It was, by far, my favorite lens for business and pleasure. I don't think you can do better without going to. full frame. The Tokina is faster, but all my UWA shots were at F8 anyway. Sigma makes an 8-16, and wider is better, but it has this bizarre mustache distortion that is more noticeable and more difficult to correct than the other lenses.

I don't see 'moustache' distortion on the 8-16 as the real problem, the real problem is the aperture is so damn slow without stabilisation. It is very difficult to get handheld shots indoors with f5.6 on crop sensors.

People need to realise there are a lot of sloppily put together, mass produced ultrawide zooms for crop sensors, which means a lot of copy variation. Review sites complained about the consistency of this genre of lenses.

Many people don't realise the autofocus can be out and it still makes a big difference to image quality to an ultrawide. You won't be able to see a slightly out of focus shot through the viewfinder, because the scene has been reduced so much in size. You will certainly see the effect of inaccurate focus on the computer when the shot fills the screen. Then many of the inexperienced end up here to slate the lens.

I wouldn't condemn any crop ultrawide without testing the focus and centering properties carefully.

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