Cheaper Alternative to Westcott 1x3 Rapid Box?

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Re: Cheaper Alternative to Westcott 1x3 Rapid Box?

Sailor Blue wrote:

The major uses of a strip softbox are for hair or accent lights. If that is what you want then there are lots of those available.

I have a couple of 14"x6' strip softboxes I bought for a special shoot. I have fairly heavy duty light stands but I wouldn't trust those stands with one of these softboxes in any orientation except vertical with the bottom resting on the floor. They have gathered dust since the one time I needed them.

robertfel is also right about you needing practice. The best way to assemble or disassemble rod and speedring softboxes seems to vary with every softbox.

I think you should consider this umbrella opening strip softbox. It is a bit bulkier to transport because of the built-in speedring but opening one up and closing is is much simpler than it is with a rod and speedring softbox. It is also considerably less expensive than the Westcott.

Adorama - Glow EZ Lock 10x24" Quick Strip Softbox With Bowens Mount

I am familiar with speed rings from assisting in a studio, though I’m certainly not as fast with them as I could be as I usually I just set them up and then move them around indoors without needing to break them down in between setups. For my own outdoor shoots, I’m currently using 32” square and umbrella style soft boxes and some 43” umbrellas, but I am looking for something compact and efficient for outdoor location shoots. There are some photographers that I admire that use a 1x3 as a go to outdoor modifier for fill. I’ve been surprised at how effective and versatile they are.

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