Refilling P600 from larger cartridges

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Re: Yes on ink, chips may be an issue

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

P800 seems to use the same inks as P600? But are there other printers that use the same ink? What larger cartridges can I buy to refill self-resetting p600 cartridges?

AFAIK, the actual ink for the P600 is the same as for the P800, the P6000, and the P8000; and with the exception of the P600 not using the green or orange inks, the actual ink for the P600 is the same as for the P5000, P7000, and P9000. So in addition to filling the P600's 26 ml cartridges with ink from the P800's 80 ml cartridges (T850), you could use ink from the 200 ml cartridges for the P5000 (T913) and/or the 150, 350, and/or 700 ml cartridges for the P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000 (T834, T824, and T804).

Thank you so much for such an amazingly detailed and helpful response!

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