Choosing a new (bridge?) camera setup for videos.

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Re: Choosing a new (bridge?) camera setup for videos.

lehill wrote:

Thom_vee wrote:

Last week I sold my A550 body and all the lenses except the 500 mm f8 reflex lens, a Minolta 100mm f2.8 Macro lens with the intention of either one of the below:

  1. Replace the A550 with an A68 body with video. Continue with the above lenses.
  2. Replace it with a Sony a6500 mirrorless body, get an Amount to E-mount adapter.
  3. Replace it with a Nikon P1000 (with maybe a Raynox DCR-250 diopter lens) which seems to do great in providing spectacular focal lengths for birding and also great macro capabilities as an All-in-one package that does not need lens changing.

With option 1 (and 2) I continue the handicap of having to lug around multiple lenses and the bulk of the camera. Also it doesnt have the optical image stabilization that could help greatly with Macro videos.

My comment is only about Option 1 & 2. Is that some generic manual focus 500mm f/8 reflex lens or the Sony/Minolta 500mm f/8 reflex with AF?

The Sony website does have a Lens Compatibility page for the A68 for Sony & Minolta lenses. There's some compatibility notes that look inconsequential to me but may be important to you.

There is a similarLens Compatibility page for the A6500. The compatibility notes look like there are more severe consequences.

I'm not understanding your "doesn't have the optical image stabilization" comment. The A68 does use electronic stabilization during video recording (for still-images the A68 will use sensor-based Steady Shot just like your A550). The A6500 has 5-axis sensor stabilization built-in so it probably does have stabilized video (only 3 axes are used with non-stabilized lenses). My understanding is they work OK for slow panning motion.

Only the LA-EA4 A-to-E mount adapter has a screw-drive. It's built-in SLT-type focus system is rather old. The Sony APS-C E-mount forum will have better guidance for adapting A-mount lenses to E-mount.

Thank you for the reply. My F8 reflex lens is the Minolta version with AF. The Lens compatibility links were useful, looks like its pushing things with the old lenses. And the LA-EA4 doesnt come cheap either. Yes I`d forgotten that the A68 has sensor based stabilization!! However, considering the bulk, and that Sony hasnt brought out any new A-mounts in a while, I might as well make the shift now. Also since video has become more of a priority, perhaps its better I focus on that.

Considering these and versatility, I have more or less narrowed down on the Panasonic FZ 2500.  It doesnt have the zoom of the Nikon P1000 but its a 1 inch sensor, its built for videos and is a little less bulky.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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