G7X Mark III vs Smartphone

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Re: G7X Mark III vs Smartphone

siberstorm27 wrote:

All wifi and bluetooth implementations I've used are complete trash on cameras. Apps will freeze or not connect. Even if you establish a connection the fastest you can transfer is 1MB/s but usually much slower. Your phone is basically held hostage at this point. You can't surf the web or even open a game or read a downloaded pdf because most transfer apps die immediately once they get pushed to the background. All cameras act as access points and make your phone connect to them exclusively, so you will have no internet at all and can't even switch to your cellular network's 4G/3G (besides basic phone calls). Some apps don't even have a select all function. You have to tap every single photo and wait for every single photo to load before you can tap it and transfer. Some let you pick from the camera playback menu, which is also very slow and prone to failing to establish a connection. I just don't bother with this crap anymore. The Ricoh GR3 didn't even have a working firmware or app for its wifi/bt function until a month after release. It's all a big fat joke.

I use a usb-c SD card adapter instead to transfer photos to my phone. At 100MB/s it's way faster and doesn't lock up my phone's functions. If camera companies were actually trying even the slightest to make this camera/smartphone synergy a reality, they would all come standard with at least two wifi antennae and dual band support using direct wifi. It doesn't need to be powerful. It only needs to connect a few feet away. With no stupid protocols and overhead it could easily get to 100MB/s or higher. It would also be a boon for data redundancy. But camera companies all still live in the dark ages. Even Sony. Their smartphone division is suffering because their camera division doesn't want to play nice. Old anachronistic businesses models and mindsets.

Yeap, i tried the Sony app at a store once and it was quite bad and laggy.

But the Canon one seems to be ok when i tried it on the M50 at the store.

It will be much faster using the SD Card adapter on USB but that also means more money to buy a dongle.

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