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Re: LAST 10-15 "seconds" !!!

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

I love E-Bay ...

But I NEVER bid until the "last-10-15" seconds, (to late for anyone else to respond).

That will work IF and only IF your bid is higher that the maximum limit of any auto-bidder.  I don't know about your reaction time,  however, I doubt it is faster than any modern computer.

My first purchase at eBay was in 2013. At the time, I waited to the last minute to submit my bid, only to be "outbid" several times.

Exactly why I specified "10-15 seconds).

And I should clarify that is where I "start" the bid-entry process, w/ actual bid "entry" w/in "5" seconds.

It indeed has to be where no time remains for a (higher) response.

Read the above again.
What part of AUTO-BID don't you understand.

Never won using that strategy.

Three years ago, I took advantage of the "auto-bid" on items I am serious to buy. Submitted my starting bid in-line with the suggested bid AND the LIMIT I am willing to pay for the item, not a penny more.

I have never used those ... but good idea if works 100%.

Ahhhhhh . . . finally.

Sure I lost some to someone whose bid is over my limit, however, I won some for LESS than my specified limit. My last winning bid was $479 which is roughly $70 lower than the limit I set.

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