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I recommend that you limit your reading on a website for photography gearheads. The main focus on DPR is the "latest and greatest" gear and the perpetual search for optical perfection, which is a pointless exercise IMO. That's not to say that their isn't good info to be found here, just try to avoid getting infected with the upgradeitis that permeates this place.

The good news for folks like you is that there are plenty of lightly-used cameras and glass available from people who have upgraded their gear. You can enjoy your hobby producing excellent quality pics without maxing-out your credit card. Trying out something to see if it fits your needs and shooting style is relatively risk-free and you can see for yourself how a camera feels vs. relying on other folks' opinions. If you happen to buy a camera or lens that doesn't float your cork, you can turnaround and sell it at little or no loss. (Heck, if you got a good buy you might realize a little profit.)

Lately I have been visiting other photography websites with a different take on our craft and the whole gear/tech thing. . . Ming Thein's blog is my favorite, a nice blend of technology, technique and philosophy. Here are a couple of relatively recent articles that your post brought to mind:

Bigger isn’t always better, or why you can’t see the difference most of the time

Review: The Nikon D5500 (or, a solution to the compact 50-e problem)

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