Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

nolten wrote:

Yes, I agree with you. The G1X3 doesn't really fit into the typical forum categories and its not really a PowerShot as you say. The original G1X was the same in its day.

When I purchased my original G1X the M series didn't exist or I might have gone that direction with their full APS-C sensors. Before getting the G1X3 I researched the M line but the sample RAW images didn't look as good as those from the G1X3 or my SL2 and EF-S lenses. I didn't really want a new lens family to deal with anyway. The lens on the G1X3 bests any of my EF-S zooms and is nipping at the heals of my f4 L zooms.

I use my G1X3 as a companion to my DSLRs and it serves well in that regard. The thread that MiguelATF referenced in his post gives a lot of good comparisons by experienced users with other compact cameras. Its a good read but you can limit yourself to the last two or three pages when they actually have camera in hand.

One comment I found meaningful was about the decisions the Canon engineers used in designing the G1X3 lens emphasizing compactness and optical quality over aggressive aperture or range. It still has better aperture specs than any of the EF-M or S zooms (except the EF-S 17-55 f2.8 which weighs twice the G1X3). I've certainly not found it limiting in my year and a half use.

I consider it the 1D of compacts which probably makes it overkill for most compact users. I've considered the actual 1D series overkill for my DSLR use.

Yeah that’s one main reason one can justify the price for this camera... if you can use it to support professional work.   The write off and increased capability make it worth it.

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