Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

siberstorm27 wrote:

That's the reason I gave the seller for returning it. That it was defective. But I knew from reading so many reviews and looking at so many samples, including the dpreview ones, even at its best it was very soft and at its worst it was downright unusable. Everything else about the camera was impeccably built on my unit. Yet the lens was like this. No one wants to play lens lottery. The g1x iii is a literal gamble. If your lens is sharp then you won the lottery. I suggest you go buy some lottery tickets the next time you are at a convenience store.

I dunno.  I may have lucked out well on getting a sharp lens for the g1x miii, but my lottery luck has always been the exact opposite.  Think front lens element cracked right out of the box with vasoline smeared on it.  And I paid full price for it new.

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