For the cost of a can of tomatoes

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For the cost of a can of tomatoes

Kennth Ireland wasn’t just the mayor of Humansville, he was the City Judge of the City Court and the Chief of Police, and operated Ireland’s Car Clinic, the premier auto repair shop in Humansville.

Fortysome years ago, Kennth Ireland was a powerful, wise, honest, and just man, and quite a philosopher, as well.

Kenneth always wondered aloud,  why an oil filter for an automobile had to cost any more than a can of tomatoes.  Kenneth opined that once an oil filter was designed, and tested, there had to be big factories somewhere set up to churn out millions of oil filters untouched by human hands, except maybe to box them up, but likely a machine even did that.  And the paper filters inside, were surely cheaper than raising and canning good tomatoes.

Others less wise than Kenneth just assumed the godless big corporations were bilking the public, yet Kenneth thought there might be something beyond corporate greed that caused an oil filter to sell for several times the price of a can of tomatoes.

The aftermarket oil filters, sold only on price, were also much more expensive than a can of tomatoes.

So ever since that sly old Guy Parsons did tempt me, and I got myself all addicted to these fine Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras, I’ve been wondering why a MFT lens has to cost any more, than a can of tomatoes.

Once the lens is designed,, and tested, then the raw materials of the lens are cheap.  In order to supply the market, there has to be a factory set up somewhere that’s just raining hundreds of thousands or millions of 14-42 lenses.

I realize that optical glass costs money, and the lens may have to be assembled by hand, and they should be inspected, but still yet the lenses are made in countries where labor is cheaper today that even Ozark Americans worked for forty years ago.

And to further complexicate this riddle, an Oly 12-40 Pro lens costs ten times what an Oly 14-42 costs.

I could see a little premium, for better materials, but the labor ought to be close, to the same.

And before I write this down as just one more example of the huge corporations all being in cahoots against the people,,,,,

Tamron and Sigma lenses, are still a lot more expensive, than a can of tomatoes.

Any help figuring out this conundrum, will be much appreciated.

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