HDR in a Suffolk church with RX10iv

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Re: HDR in a Suffolk church with RX10iv

Rachael P wrote:

.. and I wonder if the RX10 has the dynamic range needed to recover shadow details once you start from that point...

Here you are on to something. Shooting myself an RX100Mk1, an RX10Mk1 and Mk3 besides an A99II the DR of the small sensor is certainly a limiting factor of the otherwise extraordinary cams - which show in extreme contrast situations in some of the shown photos. But for me the shadow recovery usually is less critical than the sudden clipping in the highlights. Here I see noticeable advantages of the bigger sensor cams.

Other than that I'm a big fan of maintaining shadows as shadows and dark as dark: the preservation of the scene's contrasts. IF there's something in the shadows to "reveal" then better to put some light there

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