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Re: I recant

Point taken.  I now understand what you said about the devil in the details to be correct. I mistook it as having to do with the ways "micro" and "macro" are used in photography.


MyReality wrote:

"the devil is in the details" - the details of a matter are its most problematic aspect.

Definition: "confirmation bias" NOUN
the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.

Definiton: Micro - ADJECTIVE
extremely small.

Definition: Macro - ADJECTIVE
large-scale; overall. often contrasted with micro.

The issue is not as complicated as you want to make it, cloaking it in philosophy does not help.

First. I was replying to Mike Gerstner, not you.

Second, in light of the definitions above, there should no problems in interpreting my previous posts.

Confirmation of ones beliefs thru tests is at the heart of the scientific method. If a person makes a claim about anything than can be tested, he/she should be ready to have in confirmed, if that person wants to be believed. If that person does not care if anyone believes them, the conversation can end there. In some areas, new evidence is always confirmed, such as in police work.

A theory is considered valid, as long as at least one example is not found thru testing that denies the theory. if you state an opinion as theory, that it makes it open to testing.

One person that responded to one of my posts claimed to be a VICTOM of confirmation bias. What does not mean? Does it mean that she expects to be believed point-blank, no matter what she says.

From what I have read from other posters responding to me, they seem to be using "confirmation bias" as an excuse to have whatever they say accepted verbatim.

As for as alternative beliefs or methods are concerned, what does that mean? Intuition.

It is a free country, you can believe whatever you want.

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