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Kung Fu wrote:

fad wrote:

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but just as in the past photography would shine a light on the poor and outcast and the exotically foreign, I think today a light should be shone on our exotically foreign world as it moves forward and poverty recedes, and there is getting to be plenty of plenty of pretty much everything.]

You live in the bubble of prosperity that is white, well off Manhattanites. No everyone does not have a luxury car, and not everyone can afford them. And “poverty recedes” because poor people literally can’t afford to live in NYC anymore.

My point is that pretty much anyone with a stable job and family, and certainly without tuitions or a heavy mortgage, could own a luxury car. But more importantly cars no longer are status symbol at all.

As to the first. When he lived between an investment banker and a Wall Street lawyer, who had luxury sedans, my neighbor, a cable installer without any education to speak of, also acquired a used Mercedes that was newer than the Mercedes and BMW of his more affluent neighbors. Buying or leasing a used Mercedes is not out of reach for the gainfully employed.

The second point is more important. Cars no longer bring status. When we went to the Mercedes dealer, we were literally turned off by the emphasis on “luxury.” Learning about the tech experience of the Tesla, my wife is sad that living in Manhattan we have no way to keep one charged at night. The idea of a “luxury car” is a piece of nostalgia, a relic from a time now past. The world is changing/has changed before our eyes. My children’s generation has no love for the automobile, and certainly none for the status —my son loves the way our ancient 5 series beamer handles, but has nothing but disdain for how outmoded the tech is compared to ordinary cars today.

Tech —software —is changing everything. A personal trainer took me to a startup incubator in LIC to try out a high tech resistance training machine currently in prototype status —and already used by two major league sports teams. It uses electronics to control and measure resistance, and this trainer says it can produce results in 20 minutes that would take him 8 weeks of training to achieve. This morning I’m going to order some home gym equipment from the MOMA Design Store. But with the sad and sobering knowledge that their technology is already obsolete. Tech basically makes everything obsolete. Everything that matters today is software, high tech materials, interfaces, and biotech. This is the new Enlightenment.

My Apple Watch runs circles around my neighbor’s Patek Philippe. I wouldn’t take it as a gift. The days when simple purchasing power can bring us status are in the past, IMHO.

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