Can a 5D4 lock focus on a subject when you recompose?

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Re: Can a 5D4 lock focus on a subject when you recompose?

Redcrown wrote:

Thanks, I understand there are ways around this issue. I can use live view to compose first then focus, or in the view finder, compose first then move the focus point over the subject.

But I'm old and visually challenged (normal bi-focals) so for me, using live view is a PITA unless I'm shooting landscapes on a tripod. Likewise, putzing around to move the focus point is too difficult and time consuming for me. I'm amazed how easy, fast, and accurate the little Sony is (RX100).

If you can manage to hold the camera and turn live view on you could just compose the shot you want and touch the screen where you want the focus to be and the camera will focus and take the shot in one go. You dont have to focus and recompose.

Not ideal, and one reason i prefer to use my M50 over my 5D4 these days. I love what you can do by not using an optical VF.

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